5 Big Reasons To Book Directly

You’ve decided to go on vacation to the Emerald Coast – great choice, by the way! – but now you’re left with a big decision, where do you make your booking? With so many options to book your holiday, making the right choice can feel overwhelming.

While large booking platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking are most likely the first options that came to mind, they’re certainly not the best. When given the choice, property owners, property managers, and satisfied guests all agree, booking directly is the best way to go. Two-thirds of online bookings happen directly and that certainly wouldn’t be the case without the vast pros of direct bookings.

So, why should you book directly? There are 5 major reasons that you should consider a direct booking for your next vacation rental property in the Emerald Coast.

1. It’ll Save You Money

When you book directly, you won’t get charged a commission fee or service fee from third party platforms and the lowest booking price possible is guaranteed. These added fees aren’t put in place by the property owner or manager, but are added on after the fact by third party sites. That’s money straight to your pocket for the exact same vacation that would have cost you more on a different platform.

If that’s money you already have set aside for your trip budget, use it for a special meal, excursion, or by adding an extra day on the beach. I’m sure there are so many things you’d rather spend the money on than added charges.

2. Get Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Since we control our website, we exclusively have the ability to offer discounts when we please. On third party websites, to be able to offer discounts, we have to change the regular price of our room, and usually the discount is less dramatic anyways due to those service fees. That makes it more difficult to offer flash sales for holidays or on last minute bookings.

However, when you book directly, you’ll be able to take advantage of any discounts we currently offer. If you’re flexible on when you go on vacation to the Emerald Coast, we suggest you sign up for our mailing list to get emails any time we offer a discount on selected properties.

3. You’ll Be In Direct Communication

When you book on a third party platform or through a travel agent, you’re not always in direct contact with the property owner or manager. The people that sometimes manage these bookings don’t always know the area well and in many cases, haven’t even seen the properties they’re promoting.

When you book directly, you’re booking from the source. We know our properties well and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We also know the surrounding area well, so you’ll get a local perspective on things to do, what to pack, and any hidden gems we think you’ll enjoy.

4. You Can Add on Travel Insurance

When you book your Emerald Coast vacation rental directly through Serendipity Seekers, we offer travel insurance. This insurance will protect you against any last minute changes, illnesses, or any unexpected hurdles that might force you to cancel or reschedule your trip.

While travel insurance isn’t operated by us, it’s something we offer our guests when booking so we all can rest assured if something out of your control interferes with your trip. When booking on third party sites, you won’t be offered travel insurance. You’ll need to get that on your own, which can be easy to forget and a time-consuming process to find the right vendor.

5. Get More Payment Options

When you book on a third party site, you’re only given the payment options that they support. Usually that means a credit card or, in some rare cases, a PayPal transfer. While this can be convenient for some, having limited payment options means less flexibility for you.

When you book directly, you’re given more payment options to fit your personal needs. If you don’t see the payment option you prefer when you’re ready to reserve your vacation rental property, simply contact us and we’ll work out something convenient for you.

These 5 big reasons to book directly for your next vacation to the Emerald Coast should have you convinced to drop third party platforms and go direct. From saving money to more flexibility and better communication, the offer is too good to pass up on. Now that you’re ready, browse our incredible vacation rental properties and get your next beach vacation in your calendar!