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Coaching with Nichole

While my roots are firmly planted on the Emerald Coast, I have had a lifelong passion for travel. When the Coronavirus hit in 2020, my husband and business partner, JPaul and I decided to launch our Vacation in a Box, providing guests everything they need to still enjoy a vacation while also staying safe with no unnecessary contact.

Coaching with JPaul

My lovely wife Nichole and I were childhood sweethearts who reconnected later in life. We married in 2016 as a modern-day Brady Bunch with 8 kids between us. Our vision is to teach our kids that the world is much bigger than the town they grew up in.

Real Estate Investing

Dream of adding another stream of income to diversify your earnings and set you and your family up for long-term financial freedom? Turning your home or another home into a short-term rental could be the perfect venture for you.