Giving Back to the Local Community

Our community on the Emerald Coast of Florida means the world to us. As locals to the area, we believe it’s important to give back to a community that has given so much to us throughout our lives. While there are so many wonderful organizations throughout the Emerald Coast, Gulf Coast Foster Bridge and Living Water Adopt-A-Child are the ones we feel a deep connection to.

Each month, we donate funds to Gulf Coast Foster Bridge to pay their rent and for them to buy supplies for families in need. With Living Water, we currently sponsor 5 children and one day dream of opening our own orphanage where we can give more children a loving and caring place to call home.

At Serendipity Seekers

We donate a portion of our revenue each month to these two organizations. When you book a stay with us, you can rest assured that a portion of your proceeds will be helping those in need.

Gulf Coast Foster Bridge supports foster parents and their foster children.

It typically takes 4-6 weeks to get the stipend started in foster care, but children and families typically have immediate needs. This organization bridges that gap. Through donations of food, goods, clothing, and emotional support, they are able to do so much good for the foster parents and foster children living on the Gulf Coast. Visit their website to learn more about Gulf Coast Foster Bridge and how you can assist their cause.

Living Water is a Christ-centered international organization with offices in Pensacola, FL, the UK, Canada, and Germany. This organization supports children in Guatemala and Albania through feeding programs, medical/dental clinics, youth centers, and churches. Living Water currently feeds 7,500+ children in Guatemala and 1000+ children in Albania. Through sponsorship programs, you can aid a child in need. We currently sponsor 5 children with special needs and aim to sponsor more. Learn about Living Water’s sponsorship program and how you can also get involved.